Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tête-à-tête at Tasik

One of our favorite restaurants in Perth is Tasik on Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, liked by 95% of 141 people on Urbanspoon. Not bad.

The ambiance is homey (in fact, it is a house turned restaurant) and there’s an allocated prayer area.  The Indonesian vibe of the place is resonant in the batik cloths on the tables, the traditional Dewa masks on the mantelpiece and of course, the smiley waiters with the unmistakable Indo lilts in their speech.

The menu is fairly extensive and unlike most Indonesian restaurants, there is no bainmarie of mixed dishes. We like that.

Now on to the food.

To be honest, we are not terribly adventurous in our food choices once we have found something we really like. At Tasik, what we like are pangsit goreng (fried wonton with chicken filling served with sweet chilli sauce) as an appetizer, followed by mains of rice with sup buntut (oxtail soup) and sambal goreng udang petai (fried prawns with bitter Parkia bean and chilli).


Winter or summer, those dishes hit the spot.

We have, on other occasions, tried almost the whole menu especially when dining there with friends… and have been satisfied with everything.

If not for the parking, it would be at the top of our date night destinations.

Yes, we eat petai* on our date nights.

*Petai is also known as stink bean

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  1. stenchy petai !
    The pictures look Yummmm...I realized the other day that I've been a vegetarian for the past month, more or less..I want my meat! roar!