Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday Strawberry Scrumptiousness

On Saturdays, our fridge tends to be a little bare. This time, there was a lonely little box of strawberries in the freezer.

Having just watched Jamie Oliver and his little gals whip up some pancakes using his one-one-one recipe (1 cup of flour: 1 egg: 1 cup of milk), we too wanted pancakes! Strawberry pancakes!

Dollops of yoghurt, roasted pecans and honey or maple syrup completed the dish.

The strawberry goodness did not end there.

No, there were also glasses of strawberry smoothies (creamy soy milk and a scoop of mango macadamia ice cream for the Mrs, low fat milk, yoghurt and ice cream for the Mr)!

We enjoyed these as well as the beautiful sunny morning (Perth weather has been lovely this past week), cartoons on TV and the fact that it’s a four day weekend. Yay!

Then it was time to do the groceries.

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