Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dementia Defence?

Some years ago, I was introduced to the theory of the memory preserving effects of curcummin (turmeric), an ingredient of curry. Incidence and prevalence of Alzheimer’s is lower in the aging populations of East Asia compared to their western counterparts.

This theory plus the fact that curry is bloody delicious (ok well, more so the latter but we won’t dismiss the potential for mental acuity in our decrepit days) make curries a frequent fare in our household.

Our idea of spicing up ‘date night’ is D’tandoor in South Perth.

Complimentary - pappadums and raita for regulars :)

The spread consisted of biryani rice, garlic naan, palak paneer (cheese and spinach in creamy curry), lamb vindaloo and mango lassi. Entertainment consisted of eavesdropping on the next table’s discussion on Indians’ choice of cutlery (they locked in ‘chopsticks’). But they were a really lovely bunch!

Sitting outside on the balcony, we took our time enjoying the food and the breeze from the river, only about 300 metres away. Bliss.

“You’re welcome, we’ll definitely come again!”

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  1. Thanks for visiting my place ..hope you enjoyed :)

  2. Yummm...Palak paneer is soooo yummy. I was only introduced to it by my roomie early this year. 5 years in the UK and I was missing out on it. how???