Monday, December 5, 2011

Adiós Domingo

We like easy, fresh meals particularly for Sunday dinners. 

A little simplicity in between the gluttony of the weekend and the misery of Monday.

Tacos are just the thing.

A filling of 50% meat, 50% veggies (this time it was diced green beans, carrots and the usual red onion and garlic) cooked with some  olive oil, cumin, paprika, chilli powder, salt and black pepper. Garnishing of baby spinach, diced roma and grape tomatoes, cheese. Hard taco shells (this one is Old El Paso) in the oven for 5mins to crisp them up.

A splash of Tabasco is a must.

A good Sunday night movie wouldn’t hurt either.

The excessive splashes of Tabasco necessitated a cooling dessert in the form of a mucho grande R2E2 mango from Carousel Asian fruit and veg shop and blended watermelon to wash it all down.

How’s that to end a lovely weekend?

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