Friday, January 13, 2012

Twinkle twinkle little star

There are a few places in Victoria Park that offer halal food. Bintang Cafe on Albany Highway across the street from the popular Lebanese restaurant 'The Prophet' is tiny hidden gem, serving cheap Indonesian fare. We're not kidding when we say 'tiny.' The cashier doesn't even have room to sit behind the counter! The customers get the better deal, with nice food and for those who can fit in the cafe, a comfortable enough sitting arrangement. Don't bring along big shopping bags and definitely no prams. There is the option of escaping the cramp and sitting outside, enjoying the view of, er, the carpark and Albany Hwy traffic.

The menu is pretty typical of Indonesian cafes. Unfortunately in Perth, there's no 'pecel lele' as catfish is not easy to find here (this is one of our favorites). That's ok, because there's plenty of other dishes. 

This dinner comprised of ifu mie (crispy noodles with chicken and egg sauce) and nasi Bali (lemongrass chicken, white rice, grilled chicken, fried boiled egg in chili sauce) and teh botol (sweet jasmine tea). We helped ourselves to the free sauce plate (terasi!). Generous portions of humble, homey food with no frills that don't leave a big hole in the wallet.

We give it five bintangs*.

*Bintang = star

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