Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Teriyaki Time

More Japanese food!
Public holidays in Perth mean that not much outside the city is open for business, so we have spent a fair bit of time in the city recently. Shimizu on Murray Street serves halal food and we love Japanese food so hello, Shimizu! 

Gloria Jean’s is just next door and Tim Tam frappucino seemed like a good idea on that hot day.

They were out of ginger beef so we both had teriyaki beef, which was thinly sliced and flavourful. The salad with orange puree dressing was refreshing.  There's rich, creamy mayo in the middle of it all, which only made the dish better. 

Next time, we’ll get different dishes… Food bloggers probably shouldn’t write about one dish. But sometimes two teriyakis are better than one.

Shimizu Donabe & Bento on Urbanspoon

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