Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We will try to explore a few places around Perth this month, 'See Perth Month' or to phonetically suit the topic of this post, the agrammatical 'Perth See Month.'

Sometimes it is nice to get out of the city and see the country side. A 40 minute car ride from Perth can take you to Willow Springs Orchard off Albany Highway.

The gloomy weather and rain did not stop us.  

Willow Springs Orchard sells a variety of fruits, depending on what is in season. Currently, there are persimmons, golden kiwi fruits, dried Chinese dates and longans. 

The golden kiwi fruits and persimmon rejects or seconds (blemished skin, too small/large, not smooth/round in shape) sell for as little as AUD3 per kg. There are a few grades of persimmons, up to the flawless export grade costing around $26 for a box of about 20. There are soft persimmons (astringent/ original persimmons) with sweet gelatinous flesh and crunchy (nonastringent sweet persimmons/ Fuyu fruit) ones, which are equally delicious.

The orchard itself is enclosed so visitors are only really allowed into a shed where the already picked fruits are sold. There are a few other orchards along Albany Highway which sell fruits; perhaps some allow visitors to pick their own fruits. Please let us know if you know of one! 

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