Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tasty Tucker at Taka’s (Disclaimer)

*Please note Taka no longer uses halal meat*

It’s funny, but we actually have cravings for the food at this simple, almost-fast food joint. We have been to the branches on Shafto Lane and Barrack Street, and are particularly fond of Taka’s Kitchen on Shafto Lane because of the finely sliced crisp white cabbage served with most of the rice dishes (Barrack St branch uses iceberg lettuce which makes one of us gassy).

Our favorites are the chicken miso katsu, teriyaki beef burgers, agedashi tofu and teriyaki fish, all of which come with rice and the cabbage strips and if you upgrade to the ‘large’ meal, a bowl of miso soup. A small meal is between $4.80 and about $7.30 and large meals up to $11. Brown rice green tea, wasabi and sauces are free.

Both city branches are always packed with customers from the hungry students and backpackers thankful for a filling meal on a tight budget to the designer clad city workers saving up for their next Chanel 2.55. There are Aussie families with young ones expertly flicking tempura prawns into their mouths with disposable chopsticks, policemen grabbing quick meals (no donuts for them!) and cheapskates of all ages and nationalities.

Despite the huge turnover of customers, service is usually pretty quick. Lunctime can be a bit of a madhouse but that doesn’t seem to keep people away. Each seat is usually quickly occupied, people sharing tables just to eat there. Each order gets a buzzer (which the Mr always thinks will give him an electric shock!) so it's all quite orderly.

This time, we had the small teriyaki beef burgers and the ramen noodles with chicken. Nothing fancy or mindblowing, but so satisfying in their simplicity. Just don’t come here expecting premium grade sushi and sashimi for pittance.

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  1. wow, didnt know this was halal!.. very awesome!

    1. Yes, very awesome! Halal certificates are displayed on the door (Barrack St) and on the counter (Shafto Lane). :)

  2. is this still halal? I didn't see the certificates recently

    1. We're sorry but we don't know... Please liaise with Taka directly; thanks!